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It is used to gain more space and create a wider door space if the location is narrow. In addition, maximum operation safety is achieved by continuous control of the closing force of the door system. The telescopic doors on one side are made up of 3 kanads. One of them is the fixed wing (yada wall) and the other two wings are movable. (With elevator doors as an example), two pieces of canapes sliding on each other in the same direction.

-Two Pieces There is a motor that is capable of opening millions of times with high torque.
-The motors have the automatic reverse operation feature to prevent the wings from jamming.
-With the encoder system, the position of the blades can be adjusted with the distance measuring system.
-With the power-position and Accelerometer you can adjust the micro-processor door wing weight.
-Carrier rail profile is carried on one rail
-Parameter setting can be done easily with digital display and buttons on the microprocessor.
-With the digital display on the digital control panel connected to the microprocessor, error codes can be seen and easy service is possible
-Mechanism Height 100 mm, Depth 170 mm.

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